Sunday, October 03, 2010


Went into centre of town on Saturday on my bike to buy some fish, as you do.
The fish van is near the library and this time I was lucky as the man had a few fresh herrings from the South Coast (he said). He travels up from Hastings. Herrings used to be poor man's food, but no longer.
My mother, whose family was impoverished, said she lived on them, that and potatoes.
Now they are rich man's food - the three fish cost nearly £5 - but they were delicious.
Near the fish van there were some stalls relating to the current Book Fest - what a horrible title - whats wrong with Book Festival?
I bought a huge hard-back book on the History of the Royal Air Force, because of my interest in Bomber Command, and Wing Commander Hugh Crosby in particular.
The Right of the Line, The Royal Air Force in the European War, 1939-1945 by John Terraine. 1985
Great buy for £1.
At the vegetable stall I bought a pound of wet walnuts, bitter and delicious, especially with a smidgeon of salt, and some of those large green grapes from Italy, with pips. They are only available for a few weeks every year and I love them!
Food in autumn can sometimes make up for the dreadful grey skys.

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