Sunday, October 03, 2010


Hot again, over 45 degrees.
We managed to find a taxi driver that uses his meter, thank goodness, and he was pleasant too.

At the Palace de la Bahia it cost 20 Dirham to go in. We had a leisurely walk round, saw some little cats and kittens under the bushes, very thin. It was orginally the palace of a very rich man who apparently treated his many wives extremely badly.

Mainly tour groups there, Spanish, French etc.

The huge rooms have lovely ceilings and painted doors and shutters; large empty courtyard with no fountain and a small garden where I picked a few larkspur seeds to try in my own garden.

The toilets were a bit un-cared for, and I had a slight problems with the 'runs'.

In the overpowering heat we made the short walk to Tiskiwin up the alley. It is a little house, where the owner still lives. It has an enthralling collection from South Sahara, including Toureg artifacts. Wooden tribal carving, robes of nomads, camel sadles, tents. The building itself has a lovely courtyard. It was the nicest museum we visited in Marrakesh.

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