Monday, October 04, 2010


I had a fascinating cookery lesson at Riad Kniza, the head chef Amina instructed me in making fish tagine, bread, harisa, cooked salads including delicious spicy zuchini (or courgette as we call them). We had the pleasure of eating the meal later on the roof, where it was at last cooler.
The next day want to meal at Chez Pascal in Gueliz, but it was difficult to find. We had been told it was near the Cinema but even then we had to go into another restaurant to ask its whereabouts. Everybody in Chez Pascal was very busy watching a re-run of the World Cup Football match - it was the day before the final on Sunday. Not too bothered to serve us, but when food finally arrived, it was delicious. But unfortunately the taxi to take us back to the Medina asked for 60 dirhams (proper rate from that part is not more than 10 dirhams). I argued, and finally we gave him 50 dirhams, under protest. Even the nice receptionist in the riah was astonished at this rogue.

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