Sunday, October 03, 2010


We went with N to a herbalist in the medina. It had a large collection of herbs and spices outside and was a large establishment. It was expensive.
I think we were 'easy meat'!
I bought a pack of saffron, some aromatic paprika, pack of mint 'green; tea, pot of rose essence face cream and small bottle of argan oil, it came to about 40 euros!

Later we visited Marrakesh museum, very tired and hot, so reviving mint tea and some water at the museum , very welcome but again, expensive.
Museum seemed a bit grubby and poorly lit, ceramics not as good as we have seen at Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Also a collection of silver daggers, jewellery. A lovely old building with fine wood carving and coloured plaster work.

In the souk we bought some red leather slippers, which we later found were cheaper in the airport shop.

Our evening meal was in the new town, which is called Gueliz.

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