Sunday, October 03, 2010


Breakfast is on the roof again, sweet bread like scones, and pancakes. Yorgurt, porridge, honey, coffee, organe juice, cornflakes.

We met up at 9.30 with N, our guide, University Graduate in Eng. Lit (Casablanca) who especially admires novels of Joseph Conrad. She wore an organge kaftan and scarf. She is engaged to be married (arranged marriage).

Apparently no 'madrasas' (religious schools) are allowed in Morocco because it is thought they allow extremists to establish themselves. All higher education has to be at universities, where education is free. Girls can get good jobs now.

We went to the other side of the Medina from Bab Doukkala.
We walked to see the old religious school (forget name) famous for its architecture with the influence of Al Andaluce in Spain. It is open to public but is not used for education now. It was originally used by 900 boys, 8 years and up, studying all subjects under imams, with a very wide sylabus.

Lovely style of architecture, originated in Moorish Andalucia, coloured plaster work, carved cedar ceilings, coloured ceramic tiles. A really lovely building, and so peaceful despite the large number of tourists.

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