Monday, March 31, 2008


This is a small exhibition in the Sainsbury Wing, on until 18 May.
Expensive, so be prepared. It is free, I think on Tuesday afternoons.
Interesting to read about the artist and the way of life of the English 'milords' who spent much time in Rome in the 18th century. The works I admired most are the portraits of these young men, and one young woman, mostly three-quarter view or to the waist. One big group portrait of three men. There are, as usual, not enough seats for you to sit and look carefully.
The colours are usually bright, with the regimentals of the men, of course, usually red. Britches white. There is a fine picture of a Gordon, in manly posture, draped with what they think is specially woven silk 'tartan' cloth.
Several heads show what appear to be intelligent, pensive sitters. Holding music, or maps.
The fact that these people used swords, or canes or long guns, aided the pose, since a hand can casually rest on the top of these things. Today the men do not have such a prop, only a mobile phone.
I did a number of sketches and hope that they will come to mind, when I plan my new works of portraits of athletes.

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