Monday, October 04, 2010


LAST DAY - sorry to go, its a lovely small city.
We went to the gallery in the New Town, Gueliz, owned by the proprietor of Riad Kniza, Mr Mohammed.
A nice shop with excellent collection of ceramics, furniture etc. Mr Mohammed advised us to go further on, to Gallery Matisse. This gallery had very big pictures, black, white, reminiscent of Francis Bacon. Also some fine glass 'toffees' in blue, in red and with spots. The owner didn't seem to be in the gallery, it was minded by lethargic man who did not rise from his armchair.

Over the other side of the alley was another small gallery whose owner didn't speak English, there was a small collection of paintings but I have lost her card so cannot give you a link.

The Renaissance cafe, near the cinema, was excellent for lunch, and very reasonable compared to the more touristy places, it seems to cater for the local French people in Gueliz.
The usual rip-off taxi driver tried to overcharge and again, got very lost, couldn't make out where our Riad was from the card, and he did not seem to have any reading glasses.

I suppose glasses are much to expensive for a taxi driver to buy.
In the evening we had a delicious bottle of wine on the roof, kindly given by Mr Mohammed the owner and art connoisseur

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